Why Sherrin?

1. Dynamic and Experienced Speaker
Sherrin is an award-winning speaker who will have your audience looking forward to implementing her strategies. She has delivered hundreds of motivational presentations for events worldwide and has been in front of audiences of up to 2000 attendees.

2. An Inspiring, Life- and Business-Enhancing Message
Your audience will laugh, learn and be inspired! Sherrin mixes enthusiasm with motivational stories to deliver a very high content message. She convinces that improvement and achievement are possible, and (most importantly) she also inspires the audience to WANT to try!

3. Cross and Mass Appeal
Hiring Sherrin to speak at your event will make your program shine because of her cross and mass appeal: #1 best-selling author, huge social media popularity (she has over 100,000 followers, friends and connections on social networks and her newsletter email list that she can promote your event to), successful business owner, successful attorney, working mother (she has two young children, ages 4 and 6), married (for almost 19 years), mother of a child with autism, community activist (she is the founder of the Foundation for Real Nutrition), Commissioner of a Housing Authority, community volunteer (she is on the board of several well known organizations), and she is culturally diverse.

4. Attorney-Trained Master Strategist
The strategies that Sherrin teaches are not theoretical platitudes. They work in the real world where there are competing demands on time and high expectations for results. She is able to break down her strategies and processes and present them in a “doable” way. That’s why her attendees achieve results! They then associate their success with your event, and so they look forward to coming back.

5. Successful Business Owner
Sherrin is the full or part-owner of several successful businesses. She doesn’t just talk about her strategies, she implements them EVERDAY! That’s why she knows they work in the real world.

6. Successful Author
Sherrin is the author of 12 books/products, including the best sellers Wealth Mentality and Successful Strategic Planning. She is also a contributing author to the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book Get Your Woman On. Sherrin has been an avid student of personal and professional development for over 20 years and has been a highly sought after teacher of it for over a decade.

7. Professionalism (That Makes Your Job Easier!)
Sherrin knows that your reputation is on the line when she takes the stage. That’s why Sherrin guarantees to make you look good for bringing her in or you can keep your fee! And, Sherrin is easy to work with. She holds her own events every month and understands that, as a meeting planner, you have a lot on your mind. You want a speaker who will show up on time, fire up and educate your group, and do everything possible to make sure everything goes off as planned. That’s exactly what Sherrin delivers.